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AURUM A3 High-End võimendi 80/100 Watt
AURUM A3 High-End võimendi 80/100 Watt
- Laos: 1
- Vana hind: 2 390.00
- Garantii: 2
- Värv:
Hind : 1 990.00 EUR


high-end amplifier

Unwanted troublemakers don’t stand a chance with the A3: Like the larger A5, it uses our innovative power filter, whose broadband characteristics make for outstanding specifications. This means that sound-diminishing imprecisions in the power grid don’t affect signal amplification. For the speakers, we have also emphasized decoupling and have integrated our amplifiers with newly developed passive output filters with special hand-wound coils. This high degree of separation from external influences brings music lovers fascinatingly detailed, dynamic sound experiences.


Technical data A3
Output power at 8 ohms 80W
Output power at 4 ohms 100W
Input sensitivity by 1W at 8 ohms  -16,3 dBV
Frequency response 1Hz-110kHz(-3dB)
Harmonic distortion  <0.03% 
Noise ratio 75dB unrated
Main connection 115V/230V switchable
Standby power <0,9W 
Inputs 8x Cinch R/L
Dimension (wxhxd)  453 x 130 x 345 mm
with real wood veneer sides, feets and speaker terminals
Weight  11,23 kg