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AURUM High-End CD player C3
AURUM High-End CD player C3
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high-end CD player

The C3 doesn’t just look related to the top-of-the-line C5 CD player but shares some of its technical refinements. An intricate process allows the laser unit to calibrate itself. Continuous adjustment of focus tracking and EF balance ensures maximum readout precision — even years from now! A complex passive secondary filter separates the analogue and digital circuitry from each other. Therefore, sound information gets to the amplifier at the right time, with uncompromised authenticity.


 Technical data  C3
 Analog output unbalanced 0dBr  2,0V
 Noise ratio unrated Chinch -90dB
 Harmonic distortion <0,005%
 Frequency response 1Hz-22kHz(-3dB) 
 Output digital  Cinch, SPDIF
 Main connection 115V 115 V/ 230V umschaltbar 
 Standby power < 0,5 W
 Outputs 1x analog Cinch R/L, 1x koaxial digital
 Dimension (W x H x D) 453 x 82 x 305 mm
 with real wood veneer sides, feets and terminals 
 Weight 6,60 kg