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AURUM High-End CD player C5DA
AURUM High-End CD player C5DA
- Vana hind: 2 990.00
- Garantii: 2
- Värv:
Hind : 2 890.00 EUR


top-of-the-line CD-Player

Our top-of-the-line C5 CD player employs uncompromising design to make sure an audio CD’s bits and bytes flawlessly unfurl their musical art. Sophisticated vibration dampers detach the drive from its environment. Besides many other highlights, such as the discretely designed Class A output stages, the unit provides the most natural, distortion-free sound possible, with no analytical feel. For an optimal connection to the A5 top-of-the-line amplifier, completely symmetrical XLR sockets are available.


Technical data  C5
 Analog output unbalanced 0dBr  2,0V 
 Noise ratio unrated Chinch -92dB / XLR -98db 
 Harmonic distortion <0,005%
 Frequency response 1Hz-22kHz(-3dB) 
 Output digital  Cinch, SPDIF
 Main connection 115V 115 V/ 230V umschaltbar 
 Standby power < 0,5 W
 Outputs 1x analog Cinch R/L, 1x koaxial digital
1x symmetrisch R/L (XLR)
 Dimension (W x H x D) 453 x 82 x 305 mm 
 with real wood veneer sides, feets and terminals   
 Weight  6,80 kg