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AURUM M8 High-End Lõppvõimendi
AURUM M8 High-End Lõppvõimendi
- Garantii: 2
- Värv:
Hind : 2 990.00 EUR


Welcome to the premiere class of power amplification. The M8 is a pedigree amplifier with full detail capabilities, immense sound transparency as well as unrestricted musicality. At the same time it also gives you full power and easy control as it blazes forth with blood-curdling peaks together with full dynamics. Even very sophisticated speakers have found their master in the M8, especially with regard to the switchable two channel stage, as this enables it to work as a pure mono-amplifier as well.

As far as the power supply is concerned, the M8 uses a combination of mains filter, a specially developed toroidal transformer as well as discrete power supplies. The two amplification stages are fully separated from each other and this prevents mutual interference from occurring in both channels. Complete signal processing is carried out completely symmetrically - the M8 generates both plus as well as minus information in this operation. The balancing ensures that the music remains virtually complete even if it is subjected to external interactions (e.g. HF backscattering from other equipment).
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Technical data M8
Output power at 8 ohms 2x 120W / 1x 240W
Output power at 4 ohms 2x 200W / 1x 350W
Input sensitivity by 1W at 8 ohms -26 dBV at 4 Ohm
Frequency response 1Hz-110kHz(-3dB)
Harmonic distortion <0.03%
Noise ratio 85dB
Main connection 115V/230V switchable
Standby power <0,5W
Inputs 2x Cinch R/L, 1x XLR balanced R/L
Dimension (wxhxd) 453 x 130 x 345 mm
with real wood veneer sides, feets and speaker terminals
Weight 13,79kg