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AURUM P8 High-End Eelvõimendi
AURUM P8 High-End Eelvõimendi
- Vana hind: 2 900.00
- Garantii: 2
- Värv:
Hind : 2 790.00 EUR

Systematically engineered for enjoyment. Our AURUM P8 has been designed as a pedigree stereo preamplifier. The complete layout and every individual component profits from the use of the most up-to-date circuitry and development technology, so that the P8 sets new standards with regard to sound, configuration AND ease of use. One particular highlight is the discretely designed and buffered digital section. When combined with the top quality 192kHz/24-bit Burr Brown transducer and a sophisticated jitter correction system, the P8’s performance far outstrips any other digital source.


Input Impedance (XLR)

Input sensitivity (line) 100mV
Noise ratio 94dB/94dB
Input impediance / input sensitivity phono MM 47kOhm/2,6mV
Signal to Noise ratio 90dB
voltage gain line 45dB
Outout impediance/max. – voltage XLR/Cinch 300Ohm/15V/600Ohm/8V
Control range volume 99dB
Control range balance/heights/bass ±6dB
Harmonic distortion <0,03%
Inputs analogue 4x Cinch R/L, 2x XLR sym. R/L, 1x Phono-Cinch R/L
Inputs digital 1x optical, 1x koaxial, 1x USB/Typ B (48kHz)
Outputs 1x Cinch R/L, 2x XLR sym. R/L
Transmissionrange 1Hz-110kHz (-3dB)
Standby connection <0,5w
Supply voltage (V) 115/230V switchable
Size (w x h x d) in cm 453 x 82 x 330 mm
Weight in kg 5,31 kg