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Icon Audio Stereo 845 PP
Icon Audio Stereo 845 PP
- Garantii: 2
- Värv:
Hind : 7 200.00 EUR

Specifications and Features


Pure Class A, Triode front end
Pure Triode 845 push pull output Stage
All hand wired point to point
Remote control volume
May also be used as a power amplifier
Comprehensive manual supplied
Built in "Easy Bias" Meter
ALPS Japanese volume pot.
4x 845 precisely matched
2x 6SL7 first stage valves
2x 6SN7 output driver valves
1x GZ34 driver stage rectifier
Max output one channel 41w 8Ω 1% THD*
38+38w 8Ω both ch driven 0.5% THD*
THD 8w 0.3%. 1w 0.09%
Max output into 4Ω 32w (11.3v)
Max output into 16Ω 39w (25v)
Signal to noise level -93db
Channel balance better than 0.1dB
Damping factor of 14
Freq response 10hz-20kHz -0dB (41kHz -0.1db) 8w
Freq response 20Hz-20kHz 0.25dB (40kHz -1dB) 38w
Suitable loudspeakers 4Ω to 16Ω
*Low Distortion Tertiary wound output transformers
Transformers potted to reduce noise
Solen/SCR Hi Fi quality audio capacitors
Jensen copper foil on request
Silver plated pure copper PTFE audio cable
Gold plated Input & speaker terminals
Attractive Plexiglas cover supplied
Four line inputs
Record loop
300mv sensitivity.(high) for full output
950mv sensitivity (low) for full output
220/240/115 volts 220watts typical, 500w max
44W, 40D, 24H (28H with cover), 35kg


Designed in Leicester by David Shaw, founder of Icon Audio. Our Ultimate Integrated Amplifier!