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  • Dali Opticon 6
    Hind 1 600,00 EUR
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  • Dali Opticon 8
    Hind 2 500,00 EUR
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  • Dali Rubicon 6
    Hind 3 600,00 EUR
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  • Dali Rubicon 8
    Hind 4 800,00 EUR
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  • Dali Epicon 6
    Hind 9 100,00 EUR
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  • Dali Epicon 8
    Hind 14 300,00 EUR
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  • Hegel H30 Lõppvõimendi
    Hind 11 500,00 EUR
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  • Audionet võimendi SAM G2
    Hind 4 230,00 EUR
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  • Marantz AV Resiiver SR801...
    Hind 2 990,00 EUR
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  • MBL 7008 Amplifier + MBL...
    Hind 14 990,00 EUR
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NAD electronics

NAD Electronics is a brand name of an electronics firm whose products include home audiophile amplifiers and related components. NAD was an abbreviation for New Acoustic Dimension.

The company was founded in London, England, in 1972 by Dr. Martin L. Borish, an electrical engineer with a PhD in physics.[1][2][3]

Its most famous product is the late-1970s NAD 3020, an integrated amplifier designed by Bjørn Erik Edvardsen, which was highly regarded by various magazines in Britain.[4][5]

NAD's philosophy is to include only genuinely useful features for aesthetically understated designs when compared to other competitors' product. NAD was one of the first audio manufacturers to outsource the manufacturing of its products to electronics factories in east Asia.

NAD was acquired by the Danish firm AudioNord in 1991 and subsequently sold in 1999 to the Lenbrook Group of Pickering, Ontario, Canada