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Welcome to the power of choice. The Duo Grosso is the larger version of the Duo Omega, featuring the same phenomenal spherical horn assembly combined with the significantly more powerful SUB231 subwoofer module. Born of the same heart as the Duo Omega but with a different spirit. Darker. Sportier. Tauter.

By utilizing two powerfull 12 inch drivers, the dynamic headroom of the bass has been practically doubled, compared to the Duo Omega. Exclusive neodymium magnets are used for increased magnetic force and reduced driver displacement.

The engine to push the twin drivers is the massive PA106 power block. This active module incorporates a 2 x 250 watt power amplifier with an astonishing 560VA toroidal transformer and a plentiful supply of 120.000 µF, giving an impression of effortlessness, a sense that endless reserves of power remain.

Great speakers must handle superbly. They should respond quickly and predictably to the music signal; they should be nimble and agile. Achieving full control to overcome the inertia of the driver mass, that is the starting point for such agility. And that´s where the PA106 power block takes full responsibility, taking advantage of Avantgarde´s genuine adaptive motional feedback circuitry. These ultrafast analogue electronics compensate for signal deviations induced by the circuit and drivers in real–time. At a glimpse of a second, insuring that the bass response is clean, profound and dynamic.

At Avantgarde Acoustic™, this precise control is very much in the foreground of the listening experience. It is particularly appreciated during day to day listening where the system develops its full bass extension. This translates to an immediate sensation of power and richness even when idling at low volumes – a landmark characteristic of every Avantgarde.

The active input stage provides analogue controls for bass volume, crossover frequency and subsonic filtering. Operated by precision knobs fashioned from solid, turned aluminium.

The Duo Grosso – with its significantly bigger subwoofer module – melds the smoothness and finesse of the Duo Omega with the dynamic, effortlessness and power of the twin 12 inch driver engine. It is fluent and composed, capable of delivering both, refined immersion into classical sounds and thrillingly dynamic rock and roll. A superspeaker for an exquisite and mindblowing music experience.






Frequency range Satellite 170 - 20,000 Hz
Subwoofer 18 - 350 Hz
Power Handling 100 Watt
Efficiency (1Watt/1m) > 107 dB
Crossover Frequencies 170/2,000 Hz
Nominal Impedance 18 Ohm
Recommended Amplifier Power > 10 Watt
Recommended Room Size > 20 sqm
CDC (Contr. Dispersion Characteristic) Yes
CPC Crossover (patent pend.) Yes


Horn Type Spherical Horn
Horn Material ABS Inj. Molding
Horn Surface Polished/Lacquered
Horn Dispersion Angle 180 Degrees

Horn Area Low-Mid Range n/a
Mid Range 0.353 sqm
High Range 0.025 sqm

Horn Diameter Low-Mid Range n/a
Mid Range 670 mm
High Range 180 mm

Horn Length Low-Mid Range n/a
Mid Range 370 mm
High Range 85 mm


Diameter Low-Mid Range n/a
Mid Range 170 mm
High Range 25 mm

Magnet Material Low-Mid Range n/a
Mid Range Alnico
High Range Ferrite


Amplifier Power (RMS) 2 x 250 Watt
Power Reserve Capacity 120,000 ?F
Toroidal Transformer 540 VA
REAL TIME Control Yes
ADRIC Control (patent pend.) n/a
Active Crossover Variable 60 - 350 Hz
Subsonic Filter, 3 Steps 20 / 30 / 40 Hz
12V Remote Trigger Switching Yes
Smart Limiter Yes
SoftStart Circuitry Yes

Driver Diameter 300 mm
Drivers per Bass Module 2
Magnet Material Neodymium


Dimensions Width 670 mm
Depth 600 mm
Height (+/- 15 mm) 1,695 mm

Weight Satellite (p/piece) 88 kg