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  • Monitor Audio Silver 200...
    Hind 1 625,00 EUR
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  • Monitor Audio Silver 500...
    Hind 2 430,00 EUR
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  • Monitor Audio Silver 300...
    Hind 2 045,00 EUR
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  • Clearaudio Goldfinger Sta...
    Hind 13 200,00 EUR
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  • Monitoraudio Gold 5.1 5G
    Hind 12 716,00 EUR
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  • Mcintosh MA9000 2-Channel...
    Hind 12 480,00 EUR
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  • Monitoraudio Speaker Back...
    Hind 160,00 EUR
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  • Monitor Audio Platinum PL...
    Hind 1 430,00 EUR
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  • Multiroom eelvõimendi Den...
    Hind 349,00 EUR
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  • Monitoraudio Bronze W10
    Hind 745,00 EUR
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It all started with a little Hope…

After nearly 70 years of producing premier, high quality audio products, it is hard to believe that the world’s leading speaker manufacturer’s story began in a tin shed in Hope, Arkansas. By way of an eccentric spirit, ambitious character and a little bit of hope, Paul W. Klipsch began a mission to change the standard of sound forever. Today, his mission continues just where it started.

In 1946, following experience in numerous electrical engineering careers and service in the U.S. Army during World War II, Paul W. Klipsch had finally perfected his corner horn speaker design. After receiving a patent and registering the name Klipsch & Associates, he began manufacturing his loudspeakers by hand in a small Hope factory.