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Roksan Caspian RPP Reference Phono Võimendi
Roksan Caspian RPP Reference Phono Võimendi
- Laos: 1
- Garantii: 2
- Värv:
Hind : 2 500.00 EUR


  • Compatible with both Moving Magnet and Moving Coil cartridge designs.
  • Three switchable gain level settings.
  • Top-level audiophile grade components used throughout.
  • Features dedicated DS1.5 power supply module to feed a smooth, high-quality DC signal to the phono ampli er module.
  • High quality Caspian M Series chassis and front plate design


Gain settings MM   40.6dB@1kHz
MC1   56dB @ 1kHz
MC2  65.5dB @ 1kHz
 S/N Ratio

MM   >89dB AWTD (ref. 5.0 mV)
MC1   >79dB AWTD (ref. 5.0 mV)
MC2   >70dB AWTD (ref. 5.0mV)

 Overload Margin  26dB



Output impedance

<50 Ohm

Voltage supply

Requires +26, 0, -26 Vdc (internal DS1.5 power supply)